Friday, 9 December 2011

Masculine Birthday Cards

An almost totally festive free post today, instead, more masculine cards to share with you made to celebrate a milestone birthday. The first one uses an idea I saw on Vicky's blog using the amazing Autumn Days stamp set - how versatile is this set, how clever is this lady?

Using the sponging technique again, I built up the layers to form the ground then stamped the shrubbery by stamping off some of the ink first onto paper before stamping directly onto the card to create a misty morning effect. Lets have a closer look....

Lots of these little fellas about at the moment

Faded shrubbery

..... and another card where I got the idea from this sketch from the wonderful Clean and Simple site.

Masculine cards needs a bit of tearing...

Happy birthday to my BiL


We went out to buy our Christmas tree today so I'll be up in the loft scurrying around to find the decorations later.

A satisfying .........ahhhhh

...then........ on with the Christmas music, wine in hand to decorate the tree and sing Christmas Carols around it with my family.....POP!!!!!   Reality check!!!!   Wrestle with the lights, curse profusely when I can't get them to work, try to stop the cats from climbing the tree, smile sweetly when those members of my family have 'helped' by putting a few decorations on the tree and then found something else that they urgently need to do, then sweep up all of the needles that have fallen off my needlefast tree in the process of me decorating it :) 

Hope you have a great weekend x


  1. This has to be one of the most versatile stamp sets I've ever had and I love what you've done with it Caroline. The misty scene is fab and I also like the way you matted with two designer papers. At least your tree is in the house - ours is languishing in the garden waiting for us to 'have the time'! Vx

  2. Hello Caroline:
    No tree here until Christmas Eve and then just decorated with special sweets on strings. This is the traditional way in Hungary and we have grown to love its simplicity.

    Your pheasant card looks incredibly professional. We cannot believe that you created this by hand with a stamp set. The colours are just right and you have achieved the 'misty morning' effect beautifully.

  3. I love the card. The colours a so warm and compliment each other so well. I have never tried stamping before - one of the many things on the list of 'want to do's'. The faded effect is really... well... effective :D If I could make anything that outstanding I would be running around the garden like a mad woman - regardless of the wind.

    Thankfully my tree is up. However the cats are still trying to climb it, the rabbit is still trying to eat the decs and I won't let the other half anywhere near the room when decorating. I fully understand your reality check. Just think of the day and all will be well...*fingers crossed*.

  4. I love the pheasant one!
    Really reminds me of where I used to live as they were EVERYWHERE :)
    It looks great!
    - Laura

  5. Men are soooo dificult arn't they, that pheasant is beautifully done. Like Laura, we get an awful lot around here and I hate it when I hear the guns. Got to put our tree up tomorrow orTuesday, it has to be up for DD's birthday, tradition you know and she won'tlet me forget it. lol.
    Forgot to mention. I love the black and white one too. Sometimes simple is better.