Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What's on your workdesk Wednesday.....?

Piles! Yes piles of stuff that's whats on my workdesk today,(or my dining table as it is better known) and I'm so pleased to have finally got around to joining in with this wonderful little linky party! Why not pop over to Stamping Ground to see what it's all about.

Piles of festive bunting flags.......

Piles of front covers for kindle covers.............

Piles of fabric waiting for their turn.................

Piles of offcuts.................

and a 'very nearly disaster'....

Can you see the nice big crack? Weep, weep....

As you know my machine is quite an old lady and has none of these drop feet modern day mechanisms (oh but how I would love to have them). We had been managing quite nicely until disaster struck, a careless moment when winding a bobbin and "Oh bother!" Cracked but not broken......yet! Now the sensible part of me would just get a replacement one but the naughty side of me thinks it would be a good time to look into getting a new one. I've always been a Singer girl, but I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any recommendations......?

Oooooh and I must show you this.....

I just love 'little houses'

It called to me on Saturday and I finally found myself standing in front of this dear little house again yesterday but this time it came home with me.

Imagine the wafts of cinammon floating over to you.....

While I've got your attention I recently saw on Sophies blog that she's running a 'Love is......' link up. I joined in with an entry as follows 'Love is..... when your OH takes your goodies into work and comes home with loads of orders.....'  Yes he actually did! What a poppet! Why not investiagte further by clicking on the link to her blog?

I must admit to feeling slightly panicked at the moment but I've given myself a good talking to and am about to start Christmas shopping, making a concerted effort to shop locally. Hope you're better organised than I am.


  1. Hey, another fabric fiend on WOYWW!! Welcome! My desk looks pretty much like yours as I've been sewing lots for orders and craft fairs. My name is Lunch lady Jan and I am a fabric-oholic!! Be warned, it's addictive this Wednesday desk hopping :) Love the look of your kindle covers, funnily enough I've been doing some of those too. You are clever doing applique though, something I'm not patient enough to do!
    hugs, LLJ #3 xx

  2. Well done I knew you would crack and join us. Glad to see you are building up the Kindle cover stocks again.

  3. It looks as though there are lots of lovely makes happening on your workstation.
    That's a shame about the crack in your feed dog cover. I read on one blog where she just tapes an old piece of credit card with a hole drilled into it over the feed dogs.
    I like the old machines best and think they are a good workhorses - a lot sturdier than the modern ones.

  4. yes I would've bought the little house too!!Have a great week! Happy WOYWW
    ((Lyn))) #31

  5. Welcome to WOYWW (dining table in my case as well). Lots of eye candy on your table this week, clever idea to do a cover for a Kindle, very useful and so pretty, maybe I could get my StepD to do one for me - she's the fabricaholic in our family.
    Ann B

  6. What a great desk it's a shame about the machine, I love the cupcake material it is so pretty. Nope I'm not organised. Have a lovely Wednesday, Laura

  7. Welcome to WOYWW! Great to see your busy desk, my word, no need to panic yet, don't want to to set us all off! The kindle covers are fun, bet they go really fast this Christmas.

  8. Love the look at all of your sewing. I am a singer girl when I do not have tension issues with my machine. However, some of my friends have had good times with a Kenmore (but their machines are from the 90' that prob does not help). Have a happy WOYWW! -Amanda 17

  9. Love the'Tea and cake' kindle covers. Very fetching (as my old Mum would say). What make is your machine. I seem to think I might have a piece like that laying around but will check my workroom.

  10. Wow, you really are in the production mode much like santa's workshop.
    I use to be a singer person too.
    As for me, I am a Bernina gal. I use to have a Viking that had a plastic darning foot for machine quilting. I broke 3 of them on one quilt!!! Got to be expensive so when I was machine shopping, I settled on a Bernina for that reason. I have never been happier! You might even find a nice used one. I have a 1530 and the old 1130 is such a good worker as is the 1230. Some of the newer machines are so plastic that I would stick to the older ones and you can even find them on ebay. But if you are wanting more with more embroidery capabilities, then you might want to look for another model, but personally, you can't go wrong with a Bernina. Good luck in your decision making.

  11. Great things being created in your creative space! I especially love the little houses - lots of potential with that design - must think about that! Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #56

  12. My dining room table is also my workdesk :)
    That house is adorable!
    - Laura