Friday, 28 October 2011

The story of 'The Boats'

One of the things I love about visiting your lovely blogs is when someone posts about what inspired them to create a make. I love reading about the thought processes you went through in bringing an idea to life and looking at the pictures of the stages of the project's life and then voila! - the final version.

I know that alot of you keep notebooks for when those ideas just suddenly pop into your head from no where and I am no exception although in my case it's just because I'm getting older and would forget everything!

So anyway I thought you may be interested to see how this little design came about or 'The Story of the Boats'

In a vain attempt to declutter what we laughingly call the study, I stumbled across a pile of discarded CD's, some work related, some study related and some with no label whatsoever. "I wonder what's on these I thought......."?

I squealed! Yes, I did actually squeal, quite loudly, which brought the boys hurtling down stairs, (although they should be used to it by now), when I discovered a group of photos that I thought were lost forever. You know pics of the boys, mostly when they were really wee (sniff, sniff).

But amongst all of this newly discovered imagery was this.......

La Trinite sur Mer, Southern Brittany 2002 - very happy memories

 "Ooooh I like that." I thought and rushed to get my notebook.........

I played around with some sketches.....

and then moved on to the sewing machine....... it took a few attempts to get things right, as you can see....

..... and then the final version.

It's lovely when these moments happen isn't it? You get an idea and you absolutely cannot wait one second longer than you have to, until you see what it looks like in 'real life'. The excitement in your stomach as it all comes together and then 'pop' there it is. I know you know what I'm prattling on about because I've seen your blogs, whether its a baby's bootee, applique, a painted plaque, a sewing sensation, a beaded bracelet, embroidery, an upcycled skirt, a birthday card or a piece of furniture that has been transformed, all good stuff, does that make us 'creative types'?  If so, hope we never lose it!

Before, I disappear I just want to show you 'the beach hut picture' nestled in amongst the sofa cushions. I managed to snap this when I went to my friend's house for lunch yesterday. I don't know, a 'creative type' and 'a lady who lunches',  what other cliches can I come up with in a post?

We're off to the 'Big Smoke' today, the Royal Academy of Arts awaits me and then..... who knows.....? I'll keep you posted.

Have a good weekend x


  1. Your boats are lovely - I admired them the first time I saw them and meant to say how super they are - and forgot to come back to comment, you know how it is - kids call you away etc etc...anyway they are really wonderful.

  2. What an inspiration. I have just acquired a new sewing machine, all singing and dancing one, You have inspired me to try out some doifferent things on it, thankyou.
    Not that I imagine I could create a beautiful design from a simple photograph like you have done but, just maybe, some machine applique to start with. I have always done it by hand,

  3. Hello Caroline:
    Not owning a sewing machine and barely able to thread a needle, we are never going to come even close to creating anything with fabric and thread. But, it is, as you say, so interesting to read about inspirational ideas in other blogs that fire the enthusiasm.

    The story of your boats is charming and the end result absolutely delightful. As a creative person, it is so important to look for fresh ideas wherever and whenever they may be found. And, by sharing your ideas as you do so generously, you in turn inspire.

  4. The boats are just lovely Caroline. Thanks for sharing, I am inspired. Lesley x

  5. Yes, I know exactly what you're 'prattling on about' and will come back for more prattle in the future. The boats are really effective - you don't often see an image of a boat from the front like that, so well done for persevering. It paid off.

  6. Caroline - it is fascinating when you can see the genesis of an idea, seeing it straight on is such an unusual view but it works incredibly well.

  7. A fabulous post - I really enjoyed seeing how your photo inspired your boats. The photo is a lovely one too!

  8. What fantastic memories this piece will always hold for you. Nice to read the story of how you were inspired to create it.

  9. I love your boats (and your photo - I adore Brittany so much) - how clever you are. Are you going to see the Degas or the Constructivists? I keep offering to take my children to either, but they keep preferring the V&A!

    Pomona x

  10. Lovely boats! I visited La Trinite with my family many times as a child, and that's such a beautiful photo. I think I like your experiments on the machine as much as the final design! Makes we want to give machine embroidery another go, very inspiring :)

  11. The boats are so lovely and how wonderful to find pictures that you thought you had lost. I know exactly what you mean about the excitement - you get an idea and you can picture it finished, can;t wait to start work on it - a great feeling too when it is finished. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

  12. Oh my gosh, when I first look at your end product then look at your boat pic. They are exactly the same. I am so impressed.