Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Vintage Fair Finds

On Sunday morning, I escaped for an hour or so and went to the 'Winslow Handmade & Vintage Fair'. It's the third one they've had and is definitely gaining in popularity. Great stalls, lovely atmosphere, fabulous 1940's tunes from 'The Sasparillas', all on a pretty market square. Even the weather was good. So of course I spent  a few pennies........

Shall we see what's inside......?

Two girls annuals from 1949 and 1955, a wonderfully solid bread loaf tin, a fabulous vintage sewing pattern and buttons!!!

The girls annuals are marvellous. I've had such fun chuckling away at some of the gorgeous images inside but even moreso at the captions that go with them..... take a look at one or two of my favourites.....

"Miss Warner!" cried Mr Grittal. "Stop!"  Sally had been ordered to send her parrot away, but she had just been seen with it's cage!

They struggled with the goat

"You're two game lasses," he said

 Aren't they just wonderful? The bread tin was a real find too, hidden away at the bottom of a box, I'm not sure yet whether it's destined to be a plant holder or a receptacle for my ever increasing collection of craft pens. And the buttons,........ the glorious buttons, some of which have been put to good use already.

But what about the pattern......!

I bought it because I just couldn't resist the fabulous picture. I had an idea to frame it, but when I got home and explored it properly all the paper pattern pieces are there along with the instructions. I'd need to tweak it a bit as it's not my size, but now I'm starting to set myself up for another project to add to my long 'project wish list' so I think it's best I stop now.

I had a lovely time and on top of all this bumped into (more or less literally) lovely Annie from The Felt Fairy who was there supporting her daughter, my first face to face with a fellow blogger. So much excitement! My biggest regret is that I didn't buy the awe inspiringly beautiful pair of green suede shoes from the sixties that I spotted and almost certainly had my name on them,  maybe next time.

Well I hope you enjoyed todays post. Thank you for visiting me and leaving your lovely comments, they are all read and very much appreciated.

Come back tomorrow when I'll have some cards to show you.


  1. Hi Caroline, you found some great goodies! I love those old annuals too - the stories and illustrations are wonderfully old fashioned and hark back to a generaly more polite and well behaved society - my daughter loves reading them too even though shes a thoroughly modern girl.
    The dress pattern is fab - amazing how dress sizes have changed - thats a 12 now isnt it?!
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment - dont you find its like painting the Fourth Bridge trying to get every room decluttered? I never manage to achieve all rooms tidy at the same time - only managed it when we moved house and I had to for viewings!
    Good luck with your tidying!
    Gill xx

  2. What lovely finds and ideas too. I love browsing round vintage fairs, but never seem to have enough money to buy all the things I like!
    Hope you had a lovely holiday.
    Jo x

  3. Nearly went to the fair too but then Life happened! You got some lovely things - I adore the illustration captions (although I'm shocked to see that they wrongly put an apostrophe in 'its' in the parrot one!) Looking forward to seeing photos of you in the swish frock! Vx