Monday, 11 July 2011

Handmade Monday - White Linen Transformation

Morning everyone! Handmade Monday already, where does the time go?! Make sure you pay 1st unique gifts a visit and sample some of the wonderful creative talent on offer.

Those of you who have been around these here parts before may remember this ......

Well now some of it looks like this.........

and this......

with these.....

I feel I can now relax slightly and not have to worry about cats with muddy paws, boys with heavy schoolbags and cups of very rich coffee going anywhere near this gorgeous white linen. I was very pleased with how they turned out and more importantly so was my customer.

Part 2 of the project starts now and the next request has been for a matching Roman Blind. I'll keep you posted.

Happy crafting!!


  1. Hello Caroline:
    We love the linen curtains! So beautifully made and finished and with pools of fabric on the floor. Absolutely perfect!

  2. Wow, white curtains trailing the ground by french doors - her house must be a lot cleaner than mine! They look fab.

  3. Wow, they look amazing. Wouldn't work in my house, but I can definitely admire them! I bet they look stunning in real life x

  4. Oooh, my kitty cats would have a field day with all that clean white fabric pooled on the floor - wouldn't stay white for long in my house but looks stunning!

    Ali x

  5. Beautiful! As others have said, kitties and open doors would not bode well for them in my house but they do look lovely!

  6. They're mine! I cannot tell you how happy these wonderful, pure linen curtains are making me - and so beautifully made in every detail, thank you so much Caroline. The only problem is, their elegance really is showing up the rest of my furnishings! Vx

  7. Hi Caroline,
    They are beautiful and from Vicky's comment above, you certainly have a very happy customer! Well done on keeping them free from muddy paws, in my house the animals seem to have some inbuilt homing device for anything that you don't want them to go near.

  8. These are beautiful!
    On a different note - I've read meet at the cupcake cafe as well, and loved it!
    Jo x

  9. Hi Caroline, the white linen curtains look wonderful, so elegant! They look beautifully made, and i cant wait to see the blind too!
    Gill xx