Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Good things!

Good morning everyone! It's just gone a bit mad over here lately. I have been nominated for four awards!!!
I'm thrilled and have four lovely people to thank, make sure you visit their blogs soon

Versatile Blog from Claire at ragbags and gladrags
One lovely blog from Dorset Girl and Anna at Puppyfly Boutique
Irresistibly sweet blog from Lily Razz gets crafty

Now I know how these things work but I can't possibly think of 28 random things about myself and then nominate another 28 blogs so I'm going to be rebellious and combine all four into one. Is that OK, do you think or will the blogger police swoop down to cart me off?

So 7 random facts
1. I've never seen Mama Mia
2. I love the smell of hot tar (You know when they've just resurfaced a road)
3. Favourite meal: Tea and toast
4. Favourite way to spend time, with my famiily
5. I do some of my best thinking standing under the shower
6. In another life I would have been either Ladies Wimbledon Singles Champion or a Hollywood film star in the Forties
7. I had Crunchy Nut Cornflakes for breakfast this morning

I would like to pass on the Versatile blogger award to:
Jenny at Jenny Arnott textiles for gorgeous applique embroidery and crochet work
Wendz at 15Coastroad for a lovely blog packed with information
Jane and Lance at Hattatt for their original and educational blog

The one lovely blog award to:
Ros at RosMadeMe for inspiring makes and wonderful tutorials
Viv at hens teeth for her original embroidery work
Lucy at Attic 24 for getting me over my fear of crochet

Irresistibly sweet award to:

Pickle-Lily for knitting, recipes and good makes

As always you are under no obligation to accept these awards but just rest assured that I enjoy reading your blogs and would like to recommend you to others.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Helen Limbrick for featuring me on her blog as part of her Folksy Friday last week.

......and finally I got my first sale on Etsy!!! Yay!!

Phew!!!!! See you tomorrow when I may have a little something in the manner of sewing to show you.


  1. Well done on all fronts!

    Pomona x

  2. Hello Caroline:
    First, many, many congratulations on this Oscar of a post! These awards are no less than you deserve for your blog, which we are so pleased to follow, is always so refreshing, varied, imaginative and fun and so much, we feel, an expression of a very real and lively personality.

    Secondly, we were, and are, so thrilled to be nominated for an award and think of this as such a great kindness on your part. Our decision, taken when we started to blog in April, was that, if offered, we should not accept awards or join memes, and this, we feel, still stands. We do hope that you will understand and also know that this in no way lessens the gratitude we feel to you, and others, who are kind enough to read what we write. Thank you so much, Caroline.

  3. Blimey that's a lot of lovely awards! Well done you. :)

    And thank you for giving me one too. Very kind.

    ps. I love the smell of tar too - and petrol.

  4. Lovely you have received so many awards and very much deserved too.
    Thank you for sending one my way x
    I always enjoy reading 7 things about...I like that you haven't seen Mamma Mia...me too.

  5. Thank-you for my award and the lovely words.
    Jo x

  6. oooh thanks for nominating me, really lovely of you! Have had a super long day packing up the house and still got more to do, so it was a really nice message to read :) thanks! Well done to you too for getting so many awards, not been following you long but they are very well deserved from what I have seen!! Have a lovely rest of the week, Jenny x

  7. congratulations on your etsy sale, first of many!. xxx