Friday, 15 July 2011

Crikey me, I won!!!!

Hello everyone. So excited today I've actually won something! I was very surprised to see my name come up in lights, (well on the computer screen actually but that's what it felt like), when I received an email from lovely Lizzet at The Fabric Loft informing me that I had won her giveaway. This is what came in the post today.....

I can't tell you how many times I've picked up and stroked this pattern in various stores and now it's all mine. Have a peek inside....

So now I have the pattern I just need the fabric, so it looks like I'll be speaking to Lizzet some time soon but not before I have spent some time languishing over the pattern instructions curled up with a hot cup of tea - oooooh can't wait!

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Hello Caroline:
    Congratulations on your win! We cannot think of a more worthy winner since your talent as a needlewoman never fails to impress us. Sadly, if this pattern were ours, the Barcelona skirt would be as remote as the city bearing its name after all, we should first have to thread a needle!!

  2. Congrats! It is always fun when we win....

  3. I think you need to buy a lottery ticket, your winning streak is pretty amazing at the mo! Congrats, hope to see your skirt on HM soon!

  4. Congratulations Caroline, sounds like you are going to enjoy using your pattern., I am looking forward to seeing what fabric you choose and the finished skirt.
    I love your new house picture, I spotted the curly smoke and little birds right away in the first photo. I agree there is something very appealing about little houses.

  5. Congratulations! How fab to be a winner! Vx

  6. Well done Caroline, that's a fab win. Lesley x

  7. congratulations, i sell that pattern and i love that it has a lot of variations all in one pattern. looking forward to seeing you make it. x

  8. Thanks for all of your comments. I had in mind a summery fabric, but looking out of the window, I think I'll go for thick needlecord!

  9. well done! Maybe you have a lucky streak -

    I have a giveaway on mine ... maybe your good luck will continue!

    Bath Bomb Creations

  10. Well done Caroline! It's a lovely pattern. I'm sure the weather will improve for you to use a summery fabric!

  11. Well done Caroline, what a wonderful gift to win!
    Hope you have fun making it!
    Gill xx