Friday, 4 November 2011

Embroidery feet - Compare and contrast

I have a confession to make, I ordered another embroidery foot, well two actually - shock, horror, well I'll go to the bottom of our garden!!! 

If you've followed this blog from the start (first of all well done and thank you for hanging on in there!!!) you may remember that I started my embroidery adventure with this little chap.....

Old faithful

My new ones are slightly different in that they are spring loaded and .....this one has a larger foot.....

Large metal foot

......whereas this one has a clear plastic foot.

Transparent foot

I thought it would be interesting to compare them in a sort of Gadget show meets the Which report fashion - Well ok, maybe not, just me, on my lonesome, crouched over my machine, with a coffee, playing.

All were straightforward to attach to the machine.

....and held the fabric well as I sewed, but of the three it is my most recent purchase which I prefer as I found it was easier to see the stitching as I was sewing .......

Large metal foot - my favourite!!

......and it really did effortlessly hold down the fabric pieces when I was doing a little applique work. (I don't like using heat and bond that much.) 

You'll notice that two have metal feet. I tried to use one with a plastic foot and therefore supposedly easier to see your work.....

I found it quite hard to follow my stitching through the plastic

........but to be honest, I found the visibility was much better with my large metal foot. But that's just a personal choice I guess.

I just thought I would share these fascinating Friday facts with you, just in case you are about to try a little free motion stitching yourself. I know there are a trillion and one sewing machine feet out there but hopefully you'll find some of this useful.

So marks out of 10?  Old faithful - 6/10, Clear Plastic - 3/10, Large metal foot - 9/10 (because you can always improve)

I bought my favourite foot from seweasy who I used to service my machines this year but they also have an ebay shop should you wish to peruse.

Fireworks on Saturday!!! and then I've got my folks coming to stay for a few days and they're bringing down a few things they thought I might like.........??!!?**!!!

Thanks for coming to say hello this week, I've loved reading your comments and have tried to get back to you all. Thanks for your sympathy regarding my sewing machine, which magically seems to have decided to 'play nicely' again, don't really know what went wrong there but a sentence involving the words 'workman' and 'tools' springs to mind.


Have a great weekend and stay safe x


  1. Hope you have a good weekend too! It was interesting to see how the different feet compare - I have always wondered about the plastic ones.

    Pomona x

  2. I'm not about to start doing free motion embroidery (!) but I can imagine how useful your comparison is to anyone that is. I wonder what the folks are bringing? George Clooney? A bottle of Chateau de Chasselas? A new life?!! Vx

  3. Oh, now you have tempted me from my "no craft supplies unless it's for an order" 6 months. I have a plastic foot which I love, but I am eyeing up that large metal foot now....
    And I called my Mum in a blind panic saying my sewing machine was broken, when she came round it worked perfectly and she told me something about "workmen" and "tools" too hehe.

  4. Thanks for the run through. I use a plastic foot and have often wondered how the metal hoop differs- I think I'll order one of those and try it out now.

  5. Have a good weekend too Caroline - was very interesting about the different types of foot. :) Mich

  6. Really great post, been planning on giving free machining a go so this is reaally helpful, Hope you have a good weekend.x

  7. Thankyou for that. I have not got round to trying the free motion embroidery on my new machine yet, putting it off I think.

  8. Completely in awe of anyone who can embroider, let alone with a machine!

  9. I am addicted to machine feet bought 2 this year a ribbon and cording one, so decadent and not cheap but just had to have them so I can empathise with you and your need for feet

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