Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Birthday Card

Morning! Gosh it took me ages to come up with a title for this post!:)

A couple of cards to share with you today, both with a strong masculine feel.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Linen thread tied through a button

This close up allows you to see the' tearing technique' I guess it's the male version of the 'scalloped edge' on a feminine card and I love it's rough and readiness. Although my friends will tell you the first time I had to 'tear' for a scrapbook page was a complete disaster, I just couldn't get my head around which way to tear, much to the amusement of those around me. In the end I think you just have to go for it.

Horizontal stripes this time and a little more red just to make things 'pop'.

What could be nicer than co-ordinated cards?

Have a good day x



  1. Hello Caroline:
    We love the idea of cards which 'echo' each other rather than being identical. The use of the earthy tones with just a slash of red is very stylish. Perfect!

  2. They are lovely Caroline - like on the happy birthday one how you have added the button,it looks really good. Mich :)

  3. They look great - to be honest I don't think I've ever made or designed a card for a man in my life, I would find it so difficult! The boys in my family get an odd assortment of cards from me, some of which I admit have not been the most masculine! haha... yours are great though, I like the red accents on the grandad one. x

  4. I love the first one especially - my type of card, and definitely similar to the style I choose to make.

  5. Lovely cards! I love the maidenhair fern silhouette on the first and the natural look of the linen thread and shell button. The colours of the second are great and it's all so perfectly executed!

  6. They are great mens cards, very tasteful and stylish!
    Gill xx

  7. I really like the Grandad card. Very striking and certainly stands out from all the slushy commercial ones out there. Really well done on such a great make!

  8. Beautifully made Caroline - as are all your creations! Love the tearing (tee hee!) and the button and twine embellishment on the first, and the strong linear design on the second. Vx