Sunday, 4 September 2011

We have a winner!!!!!

Helloooo lovely people, it's good to be back!
First of all I just want to say thank you for such a fabulous response to this giveaway but I'm not going to witter on because I'm sure you just want to know who the winner is....... So by the wonders of modern technology..... a photo,...... as the video I shot was taking an age to upload!

Congratulations then Pol from Pol's Place! Can you email me with your addrress so I can send the goodies off to you, I hope you like them.

I might just add that when some of you entered the giveaway, you were careful to point out that you were already following this blog, rest assured, I know you! It just made me think that maybe I hadn't been commenting enough on people's blogs, I have made a mental note.

Now as I just got back from my hols yesterday, my kitchen looks like a launderette, so I'm off to do my Pauline Fowler bit.


  1. Oh somehow I missed your lovely giveaway whilst I was off on my jollies!! :( big congratulations to Pol though, lucky thing! x

  2. Hello Caroline:
    Welcome back and congratulations to Pol. How lucky to be the recipient of some of your wonderful goodies!

  3. I didn't join your giveaway as I could not post comments I thought I should not take advantage but, guess what, I have discovered that I can after all. I should have read the small print, I could do it all along. Glad it all went well.

  4. Eeek! I won! Wow - I never win anything :) Off to email you my address :)