Saturday, 17 September 2011

A picture to make me smile

Do you ever see something that makes you smile? It might be a piece of fabric carelessly draped, a bowl of fruit, .......raindrops on a window....a footprint in the sand, a pair of scattered shoes, the twist in a tree .......... anything. Just something that makes you want to smile and capture the moment.....

Offcuts from my Granny Square blanket

I was in need of this picture the night before last when my youngest son and I had a night away together. Just me and him, the care and attention was amazing , the food adequate, and we had lots of free leisure time.

Unfortunately our place of residence was Milton Keynes General Hospital.

The reason for our visit involved a foreign object, x-rays of a young boys abdomen and the need to exercise precaution in such circumstances. After relaying the full uncensored version of events to my mum she said it sounded like an episode from 'Outnumbered', which actually was very close to the truth.

All is well though and there was a happy ending but the need to refer to a picture like this was over whelming

Hope you're having a good weekend.


  1. Hello Caroline:
    The lengths some people will go to to get quality time with their children......!!!!

    We are so pleased to read that all turned out well in the end and yes, we can easily see that you were in need of something reassuring, comforting and with the ability to make you smile.

  2. Eeeek! How funny my sister and I were discussing the time that she swallowed a sixpence... it was retrieved naturally...

    I am glad to hear your lad and his mum are through his ordeal :)

  3. So pleased all was well in the end - you won't be booking another stay there then?! I love the picture too. Vx

  4. In my youngests case, I didn't know about the offending item until it arrived in the potty.
    'Did you swallow a bead?'
    'You must tell mummy...' etc. etc.
    and then I realised he saved me quite a bit of worry, and no raking through potties etc.
    So fortuately I can only imagine what you experienced!

  5. Been there - got my own parking space at the Minor Injuries Unit - so can sympathise and laugh with you at the same time!
    Jo x
    PS Thanks for the great post about a Big Shot, been thinking abour getting one for ages but wasn't sure if it would cut felt, you have answered my questions!