Monday, 8 August 2011

Handmade Monday - Crochet Wallet

A very good afternoon to you all, hope you're all enjoying yourselves. I'm a little late posting for Handmade Monday this week but I am very excited. I popped over there before writing this post and WOW!!! Wendy has featured my cushion on her blog, I was thrilled to bits when I saw it and she's so right about blogging, it lets you in all sorts of doors and allows you to support businesses you otherwise might not have found out about - although I'm not really sure I can call myself one of those yet.

So thank you Wendy, it was a lovely surprise. Wendy herself paints beautiful wooden plaques and I especially like her VW ones, in fact I might even have to buy an actual VW just to have an excuse to buy one. Why not pop over and peruse her website and have a look at the talented ladies she is showcasing this week as part of Handmade Monday or better still take part yourself.

Anyway I'm being a bit wordy today, so time for a picture.

My entry to Handmade monday this week is like a few of my makes, born out of necessity. Regular followers will know that I have recently learnt how to crochet - I think I may have mentioned it once or twice. Well I'm taking a project away on holiday with me and I was in need of a suitable something in which to transport all of those little bits that keep getting lost at the bottom of by bag, hence 'My Hooky Book' was born (apologies to Russell Brand).

It's quite obvious to see I have adapted my needlecase design to suit my needs. Adding inside pockets to hold hooks and snips and a little pouch for a paper pattern or scribbled notes (in my case). I've also added a little inlay to hold tapestry needles and safety pins for that all important finishing off or stitch holder. Unfortunately what you are witnessing is the full extent of my crochet collection, a hook and a needle - shame.

The flap at the top was a last minute thought, as I soon discovered I needed something to stop my implements from falling out. At one point I was going to stitch crocheted flowers on to the cover, which I still might do if I decide to make more, but for the purposes of this one, the jury decided it was not essential.

I don't mind crochet rolls but I'm more of a wallet kind of a gal and feel there's nothing more satisfying than the 'snap' of a press stud when you want something to hold firm. As you can see I still need to add those bits.

So now I can happily 'crochet on the go' and know that all I need to remember when leaving the house is wallet and wool.

The Summer holidays are going too fast!


  1. That looks really good, I do love the way you sew. I've just taught myself to knit from the internet but i'd love to learn to crochet as it looks more delicate, I can't wait to see some of your crochet work. x

  2. It's lovely! And I expect your crochet hook collection will expand quite quickly - I have so many knitting needles now as every project seems to require a different size.

    Pomona x

  3. This little book of hooky is great! I love it!

  4. The fabric you have used is great, red and white gingham is such a 'happy' fabric. I'm sure it will soon be full of different size hooks.

    Thank you for leaving your comment on my post.

    Jan x

  5. It's just adorable and if I ever learn to crochet I will know where to come! Love the hooky book title!!
    You're welcome with the cushion, it is such a lovely cushion (I may have already said that!!!)
    Don't buy a VW just to get one of my plaques - you could hang one in your kitchen or somewhere!! x

  6. I seriously need to relearn how to crotchet...think I'll be going back to my mum to do so. And I love your wallet. mmm, maybe I need something like this for my jewellery making - could be handy to take a couple of pieces if I'm going to my friends for a quick crafting session.

  7. Lovely cushion, lovely hook holder! Thank-you for your comments Mr PL is very taken with your name for him and now wishes to be known by this name! With Vistaprint we registered and when we had worked out how much it would cost decided not to order. Vistaprint then kept sending us lots of special offers to encourage us to order, which made it much, much cheaper.
    Jo x

  8. I know that hook will not be alone for long, wait till you discover bamboo hooks, there will be no stopping you!

    Your cushion for Wendy was lovely and the card was such a lovely touch.

  9. Looks really cool! It's such a great idea, I wish I had something like that!

  10. gorgeous! enviable! desirable! what more can i say? x