Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Treat boxes

"Mum are we still getting Easter eggs this year?" my fourteen year old asked anxiously a couple of days ago. He was probably recalling the 'faux pas' I made at Christmas when I wrongly assumed he wouldn't want a stocking hanging up (The decision came out of necessity as I couldn't find one of the stockings). I just smiled knowingly, I think he was forgetting he has a chocolate fiend for a mother. Anyway little did he know that I had a cunning plan up my sleeve.

I know both of the boys are suckers for these...............

But they needed a home, so I made these little treat boxes.

Looking a bit empty...

Lets fill them up....

Having boys, I tried to make them a little bit more masculine through my choice of colour for the card stock and designer paper with a geometric pattern and I used linen thread rather than ribbon.  I really liked the higgledy piggledy lettering of the sentiment.

  I know that when they receive them I'll get a wry little smile from each of them meaning "Mum's been crafting again", but deep down I know they'll appreciate them.

Happy Easter!

I have had a lovely couple of days picnicing by a lake and the most splendid bike ride yesterday both in glorious 'summer' sunshine and as someone commented.  "All of this and it hasn't even cost us a penny".
Hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather and thank you for all of your lovely comments, it really does make my day.


  1. The boxes look fab Caroline. I'm sure the boys will love them. Hope you've got something for yourself too?

    Happy Easter


  2. I had the same dilemma with my nephews this year and just bought chocolates rather than an egg but your lovely boxes and mini eggs are much more stylish!
    Have a lovely Easter weekend.x

  3. I'm sure your boys will have been delighted with these Caroline! It's a great idea to put little eggs in manly boxes. Hope you had a lovely weekend. Vx