Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Come back sun all is forgiven!

I'm afraid I owe you all an apology. In my last post I mentioned the need for a blind to shade the sun that was 'streaming' into the boy's room. Well, it's made, it's up, but theres NO SUN. So I feel I'm partly to blame for this sudden change in climate, Oh well, at least I can tick a job off on my 'to do' list.

Definitely no sunshine in these pictures! Had a little fabric left over so made a cushion as well.

Well it's very nearly the end of the Easter hols but what a fantastic couple of weeks it's been and I know this week won't seem too bad as it's only two days of school. Slightly nervous about Friday though as I've invited a few friends around for a BBQ to celebrate the Royal Wedding and it's forecast rain, I'm telling you I'm beginning to get paranoid about my power of our weather.

I'm going to stop wittering on now, thanks for stopping by and I hope you all had a lovely Easter break.


  1. The blind is lovely - sun or no sun!

  2. I see, so you are the one who sent the sun away!:-) The blind is great, love the fabric.
    Fingers crossed for your BBQ. x

  3. Thanks ladies. Looking a bit sunnier today (she said hopefully). Alix I hope my comments are reaching you they do not register when I post initially but then seem to appear much later, unless of course my powers over the weather also extend to the WWW (let's hope not) x

  4. You might want to whip that blind down before Friday! It looks stunning and I love that you made a matching cushion.

  5. It's a lovely blind - and hopefully the sun will be back soon!

    Pomona x