Monday, 11 April 2011

Darning/Embroidery needle - It's arrived!

I'm feeling a little bit like 'Gollum' at the moment. Wandering around the house tightly clutching my newly acquired prized possession and stopping to stare and stroke it every so often - Yes I know it's sad isn't it? But I've already had a little play and it works, I wasn't sure if I'd ordered the right one, (more of that later) but no, it does the job perfectly.  For a beginner like me it has opened up a whole world of possiblilites.

Look what I've been up to.......

Drawing flowers........

and little houses......

.... and writing words!

All of these were completed free style i.e without tracing lines, sewing straight onto unbleached calico, but I am going to experiment with my 'Stitch and Tear' stabiliser at some point. I found I got the best results by keeping an even pressure on the foot of my machine with the needle moving quite fast and me moving the fabric quite slowly but continuously. Once I relaxed into it it was fine. I didn't use embroidery hoops (because I don't have any....yet) but I did try to keep the fabric quite taut as I moved it around.

'My precious'
It's the simple things that give us so much pleasure isn't it?



  1. Hi Caroline
    Really loving your blog, and loving the experiment with your little precious!! Bless you I bet precious has a lovley little box to live in too :-) I must admit I am a bit consumed with my crochet at the mo but I did invest in a sewing machine at Christmas which came with some pre-programmed stitches and letters/numbers and sad to say I have just not have time to fire it up!! I feel inspired to get it out the box and fiddle with the buttons to see what it can do!!

    Happy crafting x

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I'm glad to have found yours as a result and have enjoyed looking at your posts so far. I'm very impressed with your free motion embroidery - I can imagine it being addictive! Will be posting about the dressmaking when I get round to finding some fabric...

  3. Hi Caroline,
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I am so glad to have found yours. The machine embroidery looks like fun and very effective. I really enjoyed reading the bunting tutorial, I am definately going to have a go at making some for this summer and your gift wrapping is the best I have ever seen!
    Best wishes.

  4. Just be careful - I understand Gollum came to a bit of a sticky end! How you can achieve such results with that piece of metal astonishes me!

  5. Thanks so much for all of your lovely comments. It's just so nice to log in and read all of your messages. Your machine sounds wonderful 'Craft Attic' mine is out of the ark. You'll be pleased to know I picked up my crochet book yesterday (put it down again quite quickly) but I'm determined it's not going to get the better of me.
    Alix so looking forward to seeing your dressmaking results. Bluebell if you liked the gift wrapping have a look at Vicky's blog. She is a very talented and inspiring lady. You will love it. And Vicky thanks for all of your lovely supportive comments. Hope you like the bunting. C

  6. Hi Caroline, I too have just purchased a little gem like yours. I've yet to master the art of free motion embroidery but I think a bit more practice will help.

    Love you blog, found you via Gillyflower.

    Have a good day.


  7. Hi Caroline!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, am glad you did as now Ive found yours!
    Can understand your excitement with your "precious" completely, and its all looking good!
    Even though I have yet to acquire one of those attachments you are making me want one!
    But I have too too many other projects Im working on, I just cannot afford the distraction that I know tht would bring!
    Enjoy experimenting and have fun!!!!