Friday, 25 November 2011

Hints, Wrinkles and Kindle - ness

Good morning. I've been meaning to share this with you for a bit. When Dad had his 'sort out' one of the things I became custodian of was this little book.....

The Book of Hints and Wrinkles

Published in the early 1930's it is the most amazing piece of modern social history. It's basically a guide to running the home and I've been chuckling away and doing a few 'flippin' hecks' as I've been working my way through it. I won't bore you with too many at once, perhaps just share a few with you over the next few weeks.

First of all ladies let me draw your attention to the 'Daily Routine Time table' and the 'Daily Cleaning Routine'

Where does it say, "Sit down now with a nice relaxing cuppa?"

Chop. chop ladies, not finished yet......

I think that's enough now....don't you?

For those of you who might wonder what the 10:30am 'Special Work' entails allow me to enlighten....

The fortnightly turn out

Could I ever be,....... would I ever want to be, this organised!?

I don't know about you but I'm worn out just reading it all. Labour saving devices or not this is a pretty hefty workload for the SAHM of the 1930's - don't you agree?

Other enticing snippets include 'The Management of Young Children' (said in my best 'Maggie Smith as the Downton Dowager Countess' voice), advice on 'The Laundry' and 'Room layouts' but I'll save those for another day......

.......because...... rather than cleaning my windows with newspaper and ammonia yesterday, .....I was making these in stead. More Kindle covers off to Folksy and Etsy land

Some with boats.......

..........or little houses.


.......and hearts

..............and of course a cuppa and a cake.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. I can't believe another week has passed already, can you? x


  1. Haha. Love it. It does assume that baby never cries, No one ever calls on a visit, What a load of bunkum and obviously written by 'the elite' for the lower classes. I have a very ancient Mrs. Beaton which also makes interesting reading. Thankyou for sharing.

  2. What a great book! I am currently aspiring to some level of domestic goddess-liness, but not THAT much! Your Kindle cases are just fab. I need to get sewing for next weekend and 13th December but I'm too caught up in my de-clutter...

  3. Caroline... you have encapsulated my life... the only bit that is missing is the baby! I also note there is no reference to the maid bringing in the morning coffee and afternoon tea, placed on the beautifully embroidered tray cloths that I worked on in the evenings :)

  4. Glad I never lived back then, of that's what was expected of a housewive Massive FAIL in every way. :)

    Your makes are, as always, just lovely. I hope they sell like hotcakes.

  5. Poor old baby having to wait until 5pm to be played with! My own version of this list went as follows: Wake up when baby does (around 9am in the case of my babies!) lie around feeding baby, get self and baby up, play with baby while house falls down around your ears... etc. Have a lovely weekend! Vx

  6. Oh, I must follow that list?! I can't however see either of my children waiting until 5pm to be played with... perhaps if I bought a cage.
    Lovely Kindle cases as always x

  7. What a great book - but I am so glad things are different now! The kindle cases are great. (I am getting a new phone in Feb and you are my first port of call for a case!) In the event someone gives me a Kindle for Christmas you are also my first port of call! Mich x

  8. Love the look of the book and your creations are as always beautiful

  9. Thanks for the laugh - love that book.
    You've been very busy with all of your lovely makes.
    My favourite is the cuppa, cake and Kindle.
    I bought a Kindle for my hubby and me to share but I only get my hands on it for about 5% of the time!
    I obviously need one of my own.

  10. loved your kindle cases so much I had to tweet them

  11. I read the other day - 'tidying up when the children are still growing, is like clearing the path when it is still snowing'
    Definitely my policy.

  12. I came acroos this book recently after my dad passed away in March this yr, he was aged 82.

    Was funny to read as Im a full time working mum to a 3 yr old so you can imagine how different my life is as a home maker to that of a woman with children back then....

    Surprised my dad such a book in his possession