Saturday, 19 November 2011

Crochet Hearts, a birthday gift set and a crochet catch up.

When I started my little crochet adventure back in April, never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would be making a birthday present for a friend that involved crochet. OK what I've done is very simple but I think very effective and should encourage all you novice crocheters (like me) out there to have a go.

Ooooooh what are these......?

My very good friend is celebrating her 'girlie' birthday this week. She is a lover of all things 'hearty' and has an excellent eye for detail, creating lots of interesting little corners in her house. Anyway the 'hearty' thing was my starting point.

So where do you go when as a crochet novice you need a bit of handholding and advice? Off to lovely Lucy of course, where there was a lovely teeny tiny heart tutorial which was just perfect for my needs.

The hearts were so straightforward to make and I had purchased a white box frame for them to nestle into.

But then of course I had to make the card and think of a suitable wrapping. Here's what I came up with.

A tote'ish bag made from good old reliable wallpaper lining to house the frame, using hearts as my theme and working with the same colours as the crochet hearts.  Shall we have a closer look......?

A carefully placed sentiment and hearts randomly stamped onto a strip of white card which were then cut into squares and mounted onto card. I wanted a faded heart look, so I stamped some of the ink off before stamping onto the white card.

This might give you a better idea....

The ribbon was simply tied around the handle and the handles were made from red card and attached with eyelets.

Although this was for a birthday, what a great Christmas present it would make wouldn't it?

And talking of all things crochet, just in case you were wondering............... crochet blanket is coming along nicely. I left off it for a few weeks as sewing projects took over but I'm determined to get it finished in time for Christmas. I'm aiming for a 10 squares by 12 rows blanket and I'm on row 10 now, I should make it shouldn't I?

Enjoy your day and thank you for stopping by x


  1. Such a sweet idea to frame the hearts, I love it!

  2. Love your little crochet hearts, they are really sweet! I think I will have a go at making them sometime, maybe once my stripey blanket is done I think! They look gorgeous framed, really simple but really effective. Great wrapping too - as always! x

  3. What a lovely gift. And wonderfully "wrapped". Must finally get round to finishing my crochet blanket I started 6 months ago... x

  4. Fantastic hearts... they look fab in the frames. c annot wait to see the finished blanket, it looks fantastic :)

  5. That has turned out to be a really lovely gift and your friend will have yet anaother very interesting corner won't she. Lucky friend.

  6. Lovely Caroline! (Wish you were my friend as you give such great birthday gifts!) Blanket is looking great too.

  7. Crikey - I'd be happy with just the bag for a present! It all looks so bright and fresh and your friend is very lucky. I love love love the colours in your Christmasy blanket. My kind of colours!

  8. Brilliant makes. Your friend will be delighted, I know I would! Thanks for your comment on my blog and glad that I could help!!

  9. I love all these and to have matching card and wrap beautiful. Well done on the crochet keep thinking will have to have a go but just beyond me

  10. What a really perfect gift this is and I know that it will be treasured. So beautifully presented too. Vx