Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Advent tree- Tutorial

I'll never forget the look of sheer disappointment on my eldest son's face last year when I told him that "No, I wasn't joking, I hadn't bought him an Advent calendar." I had purposefully not done so for fear of patronising a fast maturing young man - How wrong could I have been?!

You forget that Christmas and the family things you do are so important to your children, almost ritualistic. Needless to say I hotfooted it to the nearest Tescos and came home proudly displaying my purchases, but the moment had gone.

It's going to be different this year! I made an Advent tree!

I scouted around my garden for a suitable candidate to donate it's branches and was amazed to find buds on, I think, (after researching), a Quince bush. The horticulturally minded amongst you may be able to offer advice on this one. But anyway I'm hoping they start to open up in the lead up to Christmas.

Remember the technique from yesterday? Well I used it to make these cute little bags to put on my tree. Lots of sewing around edges......

Can you see the other pieces of paper waiting patiently in the background?

......choosing colour schemes

and attaching handles.

Handles have been attached with a brad on each side

Careful to attach the handle to one side only to make room for your treats

I used my Big Shot and a Stampin' up Sizzlit die to punch out the numbers

 and glued them into place.

I filled the bags with little treats.......

and hung them on the tree.

After reading in a Christmas makey something or other, I rather like the idea of adding a little note to each day, personal to the boys reflecting on the year just passed, just something to make them smile, think or raise an eyebrow :)

Just in case you were wondering the gorgeous papers came from Stampin' Up, my favourite, in fact my only supplier of all things paper crafty. You can purchase them here.
I must apologise for the poor light in the photos today. I've waited for better, but sadly I don't think it's going to happen.

Before I pop off, I'd like to say a very warm welcome to a few new followers. It's lovely to have you along and I look forward to visiting your blogs soon :)

I wasn't feeling the remotest bit Christmassy but this make is definitely getting me in the mood. Why not have a go, I'd love to see your results.


  1. I think this advent tree might be appearing in our household too Caroline - such a brilliant idea! Vx

  2. That is a really lovely idea! We just had a branch for a Christmas tree last year, and I think they look really pretty - and are much cheaper than a tree. I also recycle two card advent calendars - my daughter is beginning to get fed up with this though!

    Pomona x

  3. What a lovely idea. And yes ... they never grow out of their Advent calendars - Rosie still has hers and she's 22!!

  4. I did the same as you last year and didn't organise an advent calendar because I thought my daughter would think she as too old for one. How wrong I was ! This year I have gone back to carefully wrapping little treats for the pockets on our felt advent calendar.I think your tree one looks much nicer though.
    Ann x

  5. they look lovely - perfect. Just to add i had a right sulk when my mum stopped buying my advent calender (i was in my 30's...) xx

  6. Not having had my own advent calender for many years, you are making me want one again - never mind the children...

  7. What a fantastic idea! I love advents on all scales. Our house tends to have a minimum of three. I guess next year I may have to try this out... and make it four. The best thing is with no kids and hubby not really liking the advent gig I get all the choccies hehehe.

  8. For some reason I think your tree like the one we have for Chinese new year and we put red pockets on the tree. Well done and thank you for the tutorial.

  9. It looks lovely - so personal :)

  10. Caroline that is absolutely gorgeous :)Mich x

  11. Hi Caroline, just popped over from Vicky's blog to say how brilliant your advent tree is and how inspiring to see it's paper you used....so much more accessible to us papercrafters :) I've given in to the shops and bought one this year but I really must try and make on e another year!
    Jenny x

  12. Hi Caroline - I've just popped over to point out the potential of lino printing onto fabric........ooops!

  13. This is gorgeous. I love seeing the different ways people design advent calendars.. it makes the shop-bought choccy ones seem so dull! M x

  14. Just found this whilst hopping from a totally different site and ending up via Vickys !!

    Branches do make a fab display but never know what to put them in so they won;t fall over ? Loving the stitched paper and great way to use up all those retired ones !!