Friday, 21 October 2011

Gift set for a friend, a topical tip & a little bit of Downton?

Recently my lovely friend celebrated a birthday and so a decision had to be made as to what to buy for her. My group of girl friends and I are a little like the Queen in that we have 2 birthdays, our official family birthday and a girlie birhday, both celebrated with equal importance and aplomb. I thought you might like to see what I gave to her.

A while ago, I made bedroom curtains and cushions for her....

and as I had a little of the fabric left over, this was my starting point.

A fabric storage pot for a bedside table but it needed a friend and something to sit on.

I don't think your can ever go wrong with wicker and as my friend is a language teacher I thought these little bits would be the perfect combination for her bedside table.

But then how to wrap it all? I must admit I did huff and puff on this one. In the end I used a tip from my Stampin' up chum. Wallpaper lining paper! Yes you did hear me correctly not the most inspiring thing in the whole world but when you stamp, or roll in this case, an inked image onto it, it comes to life. So that's my topical tip for the day! I always keep a couple of rolls it's like brown parcel paper, so versatile. So about half an hour and 3 metres of linen thread later.....

....... her gifts were all packed and ready to go and thankfully she seemed quite pleased :)

Had a glorious evening last night with the TV all to myself I decided to have my own little 'Downton Abbey' fest and catch up on all those recorded episodes I had not seen, the problem is ever since I saw the skit that Victoria Wood did for comic relief, I can't quite take it as seriously as I used to.

Now I'm actually going out to celebrate another friend's birthday tonight who specifically requested "a fabric picture of beach huts please", when I asked her what she would like. So I'll share that one with you next week until then have a great weekend x


  1. Hello Caroline:
    As we do not have a television, we have so enjoyed watching the little film. So funny. VW is such a clever commentator on life in general and has such a wicked sense of humour. We loved it!

    Your friend must have been absolutely delighted with her birthday gift. So lovely to take the trouble to make something personally and the end result looked very stylish indeed. Wonderful!!

  2. Hi Caroline, I love your wrapping ideas, it has turned out beautifully, who would believe it is lining paper!! I do admit to stuggling when wrapping gifts, I just don't seem to have much imagination for it for some reason but you are a dab hand! Beautiful gifts too, your friend is a lucky lady :) Have a great weekend, Jenny x

  3. Beautiful gifts, beautifully wrapped Caroline! Vx

  4. I used to make sure I had some lining paper for the kids to draw and paint on. It's cheaper than most craft paper and as big as you want it to be. I hadn't thought of using it for wrapping too.
    I didn't watch comic relief this year or last, so didn't see the sketch, glad you posted it.
    Love the fabric storage pot, I made a huge one with a lid to store fabric in. I love wicker too.
    Love your blog.
    Claire from handmadebyclairebear,com