Thursday, 22 September 2011

Hearts, cakes and grumpiness.

Good morning to you all, so far it's a sunny one!
Yesterday I made these for my Folksy and Etsy shops, I'd like to share them with you but be warned they have a definite 'festive' feel to them, so look away now if you feel you may be adversely affected.

They include a new sentiment......

.......the same raw edges

...... and a new design.

It is said 'new design' that I wish to speak with you about this morning. After perfecting (or so I thought) my new snowflake design on a mountain of scraps, I felt ready to take the plunge and make something incorporating it. However my sewing machine had other ideas. She threw her toys out of the pram in no uncertain terms and left me with a lot of head scratching as to what I had done that could have possibly upset her.

So what did I do? I did what anyone would do under such circumstances and made myself a cup of tea and a plateful of muffins to give me some 'thinking time'.

When I got back to the table we were still on speaking terms, so I tentatively suggested she might like to try the embroidery foot on again. I must point out that I had dispensed with this item to perfect the snowflake design but when it had come to the 'actual' production she would not play ball. So with embroidery foot reattached, she visibily relaxed and hummed along merrily. I'm still none the wiser as to why she would sew happily without it one minute and not the next - the joys of sewing.

I think my insane ramblings this morning are due to me having to think about Christmas in September, but then I don't think I'm alone on this one. 

But it has made me wonder...... (Carrie Bradshaw moment coming up)..."Am I the only person who applies anthropomorphic qualities to their sewing machine?" or is it as my eldest son put so eloquently yesterday because "that's what happens when you spend all day alone sewing!"

I'll leave you with those thoughts now, I'm off to make a tea cosy and talk to the wall.


  1. Hello Caroline:
    How delightful that you should be on such terms with your sewing machine. It puts HRH The Prince of Wales talking to his plants into an entirely new perspective. But why on earth not? Such normally inanimate objects do, in our view, respond and work so much better when treated with a little consideration and affection.

    We can well, from a business point of view, see the need to start thinking of Christmas now but, oh dear, such a reminder that the year is fast flying away. The snowflake is lovely.

  2. Love the snowflake, love the raw edges, and glad you got there in the end. I've had similar moments with my printer this week and the little blighter still won't work. I've mislaid Computer-Geek-Son's mobile number (OK, not mislaid, accidentally deleted) and will have to wait till he's home tonight to ring him for advice. I suspect he never talks to the electronics he works with all day long but I'm sure a chat and a muffin or two help immensely (not suggesting muffins for the sewing machine, btw, that would be just silly).

  3. Caroline - I have three machines, an aged hand Singer who is an old lady known as Mrs Singer as she demands respect. Then there is my Brother, who is a bit of a fliberty gibbert and is known Bella, now if you don't watch her she will run away with your work. And finally Tilly Toyota who is proving to be a bit of a work horse with an excellent work ethic but who can turn out some really pretty stitches when pressed.

    Now pass the muffins, please :)

  4. Glsd she's decided to play nicely again, I love that snowflake design! I know what you mean about Christmas in September - although I haven't done any real xmas sewing yet, I've been designing Christmas magazine projects since the beginning of May!!! Just finishing another one today (tho that is the last, then it will be onto spring time subjects!) Enjoy those muffins xxx

  5. Love the hearts, so festive - a scary reminder that yes, before we know it we'll be counting down the days!
    Glad you persuaded "her" to get her act together in the end!
    Gill xx

  6. Love the hearts and the snowflake. Can't they be tempremental these sewing machines. I have never been able to fathom mine so we work along on a wing and a prayer most times.

  7. Ooh these are lovely. Really cute, and lovely to have a similar item for Christmas that you may already have the rest of the year round - just switch one for the other!

  8. Love the snowflakes Caroline and yes I too speak to my machine and yes she does play up especially when I want good behaviour. lol

  9. All craftspeople know that their tools have personalities and can get very temperamental. I think the rule is that if you have a tight deadline you can rely on something to get a bit uppity. You'll need to start worrying when you find yourself talking to the machines while wearing a tea cosy on your head...LOVE the raw-edged hearts! Vx

  10. Machines do have their own minds! My old one became so impossible, she had to be retired and I now have a new Singer - a dream to work with, until she, one day, will have a strop - probably when I am pushed for time...! Love your Christmas hearts! Nancy

  11. Hi Caroline,
    You made me laugh with this post but you obviously know how to get the best out of your "girl" unlike impatient me who would have threatened her with violence however I will definately try muffins instead next time!:-)
    I love the hearts and snowflake design.
    I was in a very big garden centre last weekend, the huge Christmas displays for which it is well known are already up and people had baskets full of stuff so you are not too early!x

  12. I loved reading your comments about your own ways of dealing with your 'ladies' at least I know now I'm in good company

  13. I can't believe that A. You are not terrified of your machine like me! and B. That you can do such gorgeous things with it! The snowflake and the text is gorgeous! I love your hearts! I have been doing C word makes too!