Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Feeling a little bit Muttley.......

The subject matter of this post is definitely the most boring I have ever posted but possibly the most useful. The last few days have seen me like this.....

......the reason being 'blogger'.

Two problems have occurred: 1) not being able to comment and 2) my blog posts were not appearing on my followers blogrolls. So as usual I tried the blogger help button and posted up a question, which was totally ineffectual.

If you're anything like me clearing my cache and my cookies mean nothing, (I mean what are they!!), but nevertheless I found out what to do and carried out the big clearance with no effect whatsoever. I ventured into all sorts of areas on my computer that I had never been to before and am unlikely to visit again and could have unwittingly caused an even bigger problem had I have clicked anything that must never ever be clicked.

I eventually sorted myself out by reading the comments of other frustrated bloggers and found their suggestions genuinely helpful, so I thought I'd post about them just in case the same thing happens to you and to prevent you uneccessary time trawling the blogger help pages.

I'm not saying these will definitely cure your problems but it's worth a try.

1) Unable to comment on other blogs.
My problem was I couldn't comment because Blogger/Google wasn't recognising me as having signed in. When commenting I was given the option (whereas usually it's set up as the default) of choosing which account I wanted to use to comment, but when pressing 'google' it said it didn't recognise that account and took me straight out of the page I was on. Aaaghhhh!

Go to your google login/signin page and uncheck the little box that says 'stay signed in.'  Just a small thing but removing this little tick cured my problem.

2) Blog posts not appearing in blogger update
A new one on me. Basically my followers blogrolls were not being updated whenever I made a new post. Just a little problem!!

Become your own follower. Go to your dashboard page, scroll down to your blogroll. Click 'add' and type in the URL of your own blog to be come your own follower. It  worked for me.

Now I'm no technical expert but wouldn't you think if things are this easy, there would be somewhere to go on blogger where they could say 'Having this problem?..........then try this'.........   I love my blog, I think that's why I feel it so much when it doesn't work.

So there you have it 'Redneedle helpdesk' at your service. I'm now feeling much better and a bit more like this

Hope you're having a good day!

Edited to add: It seems I have not solved my 'blog post updates on blogroll problem', it worked for one post, but subsequent ones have not been updated, AAAAGGGGHHHH!!! 


  1. So Dr Caroline... can you make my google ads come back, please?

    I too have been delving in the dark spaces of my laptop... I fragged and defragged... cleaned up... and still it runs slow... Argh!!!!!!

  2. Blogger can be so tempermental can't it, I get so frustrated when it breaks! Will remember your tips for the next time - there will be a next time I'm sure!! I've also found that switching browser helps... my firefox one sometimes makes things go weird with followers etc but if I switch to google chrome, things quite often go back to normal! x

  3. Oh Caroline, thank you so much. I haven't a clue about the inner workings of my PC either. Now, for future reference, I need to remember where I found the answer to the blog questions but I fear that's not a PC problem, more an age thing!!!!!! Lesley x

  4. Your posts are turning up for me - I'm using Safari if that's any help. There's a suburb of Plymouth called Mutley that we pass through when we're on holiday in Devon and needless to say we all do the Mutley laugh when we drive through it! Good luck with your Blogger problems. Vx