Thursday, 18 August 2011

Time for an intermission

This is my last post for a bit as I'm off on my hols tomorrow. The boys are all packed, the cases are excited and the tickets are factor 30, stressed no not at all. I hate this bit!

Both my ladies have gone off to be serviced so I'm looking forward to lots of smooth humming when I get back.

If I do see somewhere with  internet access I might not be able to help myself and write up a quick post or just have a peruse at your wonderful blogs.

Whatever you're up to over the next couple of weeks have fun!


  1. You sound super organised (getting your machines serviced while away!) I too hate the last bits of preparation - the clearing out of the fridge and the last minute hoovering! Have a great break!

  2. Have fun Caroline, look forward to hearing all about it. Lesley x

  3. Have a lovely time - and I look forward to seeing updates! x

  4. Great Idea having your machines serviced whilst on hol, I hate being parted from mine! I'm busy uploading the photos right now so your FME post should be on my blog within the next hour. Have a great hol!

  5. Happy holidays... come back with lots of new ideas to share :)