Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What a difference a frame makes!

Hi there everyone, welcome to Tuesday and thank you so much for your lovely comments from yesterdays post, I poured myself a cuppa and settled down for a bit of 'me time' to fully digest them.
In getting things ready for the fair on Saturday I was re-framing a fabric picture I made a while ago - remember this?

Now look carefully at the frame, it's an Ikea one, it's fine, but when you look at the picture in it's new frame, wow what a difference!

Have a closer look and you can see the distressing a little better. I think my photos have turned out a little darker than I would have liked them to.

This was the first thing that I sold at the show and had generated alot of interest. One lady came back to purchase it only to find it had gone - so guess what I'll be making lots of from now on?

I just thought I would share this with you as I thought it was a very good example of just how important the setting you create for a picture can be, something I perhaps hadn't fully appreciated.

You've probably worked out that I've been doing alot of 'distressing' lately, in fact if you stand still for too long in our house you'll get painted white and rubbed down with a piece of sandpaper. Good fun though and it really gives a new lease of life to something that may have been consigned to the tip.

Thanks for coming to say hello today. Tomorrow I'll have a few pictures of the fair to share with you.

Happy Crafting


  1. Those lovely little beach huts are offset even better in the distressed frame, I agree - and more special too as you have had "involvement" in the frame rather than it just being a purchased one!
    Fairs are a great way of focusing on what to sell - you soon see what sells and what doesnt, although sometimes you find that things maybe you werent sure about sell too - everybodys taste is different so my experience has been that its worth bunging everything in that you can, even if you keep it under the table, cos you can bet someone will ask for that one thing you decided not to bring!!
    Gill xx

  2. I agree that the frame makes a huge difference - love your beach huts. Look at the lines depicting the sand dunes! Oh I love it! Vx

  3. Thanks to you both. Gill can I employ you as my own personal fair mentor?

  4. Framing, displaying, gift bags, etc. they don't add value to your original work, but they can make or break a sale.

  5. Framing really does make an image shine. Even if I can't frame all my work I at least mount them in a good quality mount and cellophane wrap. I do love your beach huts, they look great.

  6. It's amazing isn't it! If I'd have seen both frames minus the picture I'd have chosen the first one definately as it's more my style, plain and simple, but infact the applique looks amazingly nice in the second.

  7. Sorry Caroline, cant help but share what I learnt!
    When I first attended fairs and markets (2004/5 )there were no "vintage and handmade" fairs around, it was scrapping around at the fledgling farmers markets and school fairs etc and i learnt as i went - you probably (hopefully!)get lots of help and advice from fellow stall holders now, i didnt get that (the veg guy and the prisoner meat van run by the inmates werent excatly selling the same sort of stuff!)
    I need to get back into doing fairs (last one i did was last year), but am spending time working up some new ideas, new concepts for me, before do that - seems to be a lot of the same old stuff out there at the moment.
    Good Luck!!
    Gill xx