Friday, 10 June 2011

Revamped Key Cupboard

Hello everyone and a warm welcome to a couple of new friends. Regular followers of my blog will remember this little gem that I found at a local vintage market.

Well last weekend I set about operation revamp. Sanding down, painting, distressing and now it looks like this.

Have a closer look at the distressing, this piece needed quite a few coats of paint until I was happy with it and then I rubbed it all off!

The name 'bimaculated duck' was one I was not familiar with, so I couldn't resist investigating on line. In doing so I found out that the Bimaculate Duck or Squawk Duck, is a Baikal Teal duck. It breeds within the forest zone of eastern Siberia. Now there's a bit of useless information you can impress your friends with at your next dinner party.  More interestingly..........I also saw the same print for sale for £75!!

Now I've got just the right place for this in my hall I just need to raid OH's toolbox for the necessaries. So with that I'll say have a lovely weekend and I'll see you all next week.

Happy crafting


  1. It looks great transformed with paint! What was a little old fashioned and BROWN now looks shabby chic and elegant!!
    Great job!
    Pots of potatoes are brilliant I think - thats all I ever did at our old house as there was no room for much else. I think it's lovely for children to delve in the warm compost for "treasure" - my daughetr used to love it, even if we only got enough for a few meals each year.
    Now we have a small veg plot here and i would rather turn what little space we have over to things like beans (i've grown runner, darf, climbing french and broad!) and peas, spinach, cabbages etc.
    As the weather is dull again i shall be out gardening all day - find it too hot and hard work when its sunny!
    Have a great day Caroline, and thanks for your thanks in yesterdays post, that's so sweet of you (and embarrassing!)
    Gill xx

  2. Darf?? Dwarf is what i meant to type as in dwarf french beans!!!

  3. Hello Caroline:
    We are absolute charlatans and should not be here at all as we cannot even tell the difference between a pin and a needle! But, we have found your blog through Gill and we so admire all of the things you are doing. The coffee cosies on the previous post are lovely, and such a good idea.

    As for your newly distressed picture, it is a total transformation and is now a very desirable and decorative piece. We wonder what paint colour(s) you used?

    We shall look forward to returning. Have a very happy weekend.

  4. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, This work is very creative, cute and nice,,

  5. The picture looks so much better in its "new" frame. Well done! Nancy

  6. What a transformation! Love it! Vx