Sunday, 29 May 2011

Handmade Monday - igadget cover

Well, what a week! Blogger is great until it goes pear shaped and for me it definitely went pear-shaped last week. Anyway I'm back now after my last 'grumpy old Hector' post (for those of you that don't know what I'm talking about) see here

So onto Handmade Monday, short but sweet I made a gadget holder for an iphone/pod. I got the pattern from Flossie Teacakes blog.

The eagled eyed amongst you will have spotted the CK fabric. I think it sits well next to the natural coloured linen. It just makes it pop somehow. The linen was a really good find. I'm going to be making curtains for a very lovely lady soon and she supplied me with swathes of gorgeous linen, which she bought from Ikea, so of course I just had to pay them a visit didn't I? This pouch is one of the things that I made.

It has a contrast lining (Remember that green gingham I bought from the market? I knew it would come in handy)

...... and a little tab

.........fastened with velcro

....... and a handy little pocket for earphones, receipts or credit cards.

I chose a very generic sentiment so that the pouch could be used for a phone or ipod.

In a moment of weakness I've decided to have a go at my first ever craft fair next weekend, so it's all hands to the pump or rather sewing machine at the moment.  Slightly scared, bit nervous but I know I'll learn alot from the experience (good and bad).

Why not pop over to Wendy at 1st unique gifts and look and see what the other fabulous crafters have been up to this week? I'll be back tomorrow with another gift set I made for a friends birthday.

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Happy Crafting
Edited to add: It appears I am unable to comment on other blogs at the moment. Please rest assured that I have visited and attempted to comment on all of your lovely posts, I can only hope that this is resolved quickly in the meantime I going to SCREAM!


  1. Love the holder and good luck with your 1st fair, fun but scary all rolled into one, still get that feeling after all these years

  2. Caroline - thanks for bringing back many happy memories... I can smell food cooking as we ate at dinner at 6.00pm, 10 mins after this was on.

    Love the i-pod cover, might have a try at doing some. Good luck with the craft show... let us all know how it goes.

  3. I love the words on the I pod cover very original good luck with your fair xxx

  4. Love the ipod cover, love natural linen and may have to pay a visit to Ikea (didn't know they did it!).
    Your work is lovely, so good luck for your first craft fair :-)
    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  5. Lovely phone case! Hope the craft fair goes well.

    Pomona x

  6. Love the phone case. I'm sure you will do well at the craft fair, but just have fun anyway. Hugs Sue x

  7. Love the little cover! I have only an ancient (by modern standards) cell phone, but will inherit my husbands Iphone when he upgrades. I think I will be needing a charming cover for it... ;)

  8. Pretty :) Good luck with your fair x

  9. Lovely colours as always. You always meet lots of lovely people at craft fairs, so you will have a good time whatever happens!

  10. Great case, I love the pocket idea too. Good luck with your craft fair!!

  11. This is gorgeous! Hope the craft fair goes well -I'm sure you will be very busy!
    Jo x

  12. Good luck with your craft fair, your phone covers should do well, I like the natural fabric you have used.

    Jan x

  13. It's beautiful - you've taken really nice clear photos too. I always need to resist the urge to buy a new camera when I read these blogs!

    Thanks for another reason to visit Ikea! x

  14. Lovely little cover - great fabric choices! And thank you for taking me back to five to six (just before bed) when I was small! I loved Hector's House'! Good luck at the craft fair!

  15. The lovely case is such a useful idea and the fabric is gorgeous.
    Lots of luck for your first craft fair though I know you won't need it, you'll do brilliantly.x

  16. I love this absolutely gorgeous case! Don't worry about the fair - people will be queuing up to buy your beautifully finished items Caroline! Vx

  17. Thanks so much ladies for your supportive comments you dont know how much they are appreciated xx