Monday, 14 November 2011

Handmade Monday - Wine Bottle Gift Bag Tutorial

Good morning everyone. Bottles are one of the hardest things to wrap aren't they? This year I've made a few of these which instantly transform a lack lustre wrapped bottle into a thing of beauty. I hope you'll  agree. This is what you're aiming for.

These bags have been made with a definite festive feeling, however you could adapt to suit any occasion depending on the fabrics and embellishments you choose.
The gift bag is unlined and held together around the top by a drawstring fastening. This tutorial explains how to make the hessian bag from the photo. Hessian is a little like Marmite, you either love it or hate it, I love it (but incidentally I hate Marmite). I love it's smell, it's texture and it's versatility and it's price!

So let's get started:

You will need:

Fabric main part of bag  40cm x 22cm  (x2)
Fabric strip 44cm x 4cm   (Casing)
Fabric strip 88cm x 3cm (Drawstring)

Take the two main pieces of fabric and finish the edges to neaten them up. I actually didn't do that on this one because I wanted the rough and readiness of fraying hessian, but I did do a picture to show you what I mean.

See the zig-zag, just helps to stop the fraying

Then with right sides together, pin .....

and sew the 2 main pieces together

down each side and across the bottom taking a 1cm seam.......

 and reinforcing the stitching at the corners.

Reinforced stitching at the corners

Turn the bag inside out and press open the seams.

Now you are going to start making the bag look a little more boxy. At one of the corners of the bag, fold it so that the seams are aligned.

Align the seams by pinching the corners

Mark the point at which the width measures 10cm with a pin at each side.

Can you see how the width is 10cm? Mark with a pin

Then stitch from one side to the other.

This is what you should end up with.

Trim off the excess......

...... and turn your bag right side out pushing your finger into the corners to create that boxy shape that you're after. Depending on the type of fabric you're using it may even stand up on it's own now.

Now turn your bag inside out. Turn over approx 1cm around the top of the bag and then a further 2cm. Press in place.

Pin and stitch.

Now you are going to make the casing for the drawstring. Taking the fabric casing strip, fold both long side raw edges into the centre and press. At each end fold in about 5mm and press, to hide the raw edges.

I think I need a new ironing board cover!!

Mark the centre of the front of the bag along the top edge, with a pin. Start to pin the casing around the outside of the bag approx 6cm down from the top finished edge using the centre pin on the top edge as your starting and finishing guide.

Ensure that you start and finish in the centre of the front of the bag as this is where we need the opening to be for the drawstring.

Stitch into place. Don't forget to leave the openings for the drawstring unstitched!

Next make your drawstring. Take your strip. Fold the two long edges into the centre as before with the casing and press  .....

.....but this time, fold in half again and press. Finish off the ends as with the casing. 

Stitch around all edges.

Attach a safety pin to one end of your drawstring .....

.....and slip inside one of the openings of your casing.

Push it inside and work it all the way around the casing until it comes out of the opening on the other side.

Place your wine bottle inside your bag and pull the drawstring around the neck of the bottle. Tie a bow.

Ta Dah!!

...and with added gift tag

You're a genius! You've earned your self a glass of wine, shame you've just wrapped it up!

You'll notice that I have added a gift tag to make things pop a little more.

I have chosen a very plain fabric for both bags but your fabric choice can be as plain or as funky as you choose. Likewise, why not use ribbon for your drawstring if you prefer.

Now Wendy and all the crafters at Handmade Monday have been busy with their makes so that's where I'm off to now with my contribution. Make sure you pay a visit too or even better why not join in?


  1. I love those boxy corners - very clever! You are far too far ahead for Christmas. I haven't even bought the presents yet, let alone wrapped them! x

  2. Excellent tutorial Caroline... I love the rustic fabric, looks so brilliant. Have you seen the table top ironing boards from IKEA... am severely tempted :)

  3. Great idea! The perfect way to dress up a bottle and make it memorable.

  4. So much better than a paper bag and I don't mean the brown variety not that I would even know about those, lol.

  5. Very nice!

    Hope you'll add this to our first test linky party. There is one set up for 1/12 too. needed to know what I was doing!!!


  6. Love your tutorials. So simple. Once I get my sewing machine, I'm going to be trying lots of them.

  7. They're lovely - I think this is something I'd definitely like to try!

  8. Thank you for posting that detailed tutorial. What a nice way to dress a bottle (and it can be re-used as well) I had loads of hessian that I got rid after I had finished a project....lesson learnt hang on to Everything!

  9. They look great and what a fab tutorial. Between you and Ros i'm getting quite a collection of tutorials saved, I really must get started on some of them soon! x

  10. What great tutorial. I do love the way the red and white shows up against the neutral hessian. Looks very sophisticated!

  11. Love the tute!! Gonna try me one of those.

    I, like you, love Hessian. Partly because it's affordable, partly because of the rustic feel and look to the material. So many themes and ideas you could do with this great design.

    Thanks for a fantastic post!

  12. You are such an amazing gift wrapper!! Would love to receive a present from you! hehe... what a great tutorial, love the festive feel to them x

  13. These are beautiful. Great idea, thankyou

  14. These are a great idea, a great tutorial too, so clear and easy to understand.

    Jan x

    I love the idea of 'Class Rules' x

  15. Great tutorial Caroline - these are perfect for giving a bottle at Christmas Mich x

  16. Brilliant! Makes a bottle look like the most special gift. Vx

  17. Love the bottle holders, the tutorial is brilliant! What a great idea.

  18. Fantastic idea!!! Beats the paper bags any day so much more personal. I like the hessian bag to and not a lover of marmite either.

  19. What a fab idea. Thanks for sharing. I love the rusticness of using the hessian

  20. I LOVE your tutorials because I learn in pictures! Thank you! This is an idea I can use. :) Plus, I think whipping up some of these and just sending them as gifts for my daughters in laws as stocking stuffers if I have time would be great because you know how kids (well, adult kids) always get invited and need to take a bottle of wine somewhere! What a great help you are!

  21. I love those bottle bags and what a brilliant tutorial, excellent photos. I love the hessian/red mix but that spotty wine is just lovely too!

  22. Nice.

    I am loving it. thanks for sharing.It would be great part of my Wine Gift Basket.

  23. Hey I love your tutorial! I have a craft business and have been looking for a cheap, rustic and strong way to package my peg rails - we are from Scotland and use recycled oak whisky barrels. Packaging has always been a problem - I watch other crafters wrap their stuff up beautifully, but never could thing how to do mine! I have ordered 10 potato sacks from ebay for £15.00 and look forward to trying out your method! Many thanks - Anita from

  24. Thanks for the great idea. I need a gift for my boss and wine is always a good choice. The wine bag will make the gift extra special.

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  27. These are so beautiful and simple Wine Gift Bags. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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